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In 1921, the Grand Lodge of the Order of the Arrow was formed, with organizational meetings being held on an annual basis. In his detailed History of the Order of the Arrow, Kenneth Davis documents that in 1926 it was decided to move to bi-annual meetings "with regional groupings of lodges meeting in intervening years" (25). Comparable to a National Conference, delegates elected "regional" officers, inducted Vigil Honor candidates, and discussed methods of strengthening the program at the local lodge level.

At the 1927 Grand Lodge meeting, regional meetings were set for lodges in BSA Regions 1 & 2, Region 3, and Regions 7 & 9. It was stated that "other regions might be organized as the need arose" (Davis 27). One of the first of these regional meetings was held Oct. 19-21, 1928 at Camp Siwanoy and hosted by Chappegat Lodge #15 (Davis 29). Six lodges representing Regions 1 and 2 attended. Octoraro Lodge's website states "In May of 1929, Octoraro Lodge played host to a regional meeting of the Order held at Camp Horseshoe." Davis further explains that at this event, seven of the nine lodges of Region 3 attended (29). He also documents regional meetings that were held in 1930, 1932, and 1934.

In 1936, Owasippe Lodge #7 invited Tom Kita Chara Lodge #96 and Ay-Ashe Lodge #73 to their lodge fellowship in Chicago. It was so successful that National Chief (i.e., National Committee Chairman) Joseph Brinton declared "We believe these fellowship meetings are fine activites for our lodges, and we are hopeful of promoting many more next spring and fall." When the National Lodge executive committee met in Pittsburgh Jan. 17, 1937, they approved the idea of promoting "sectional fellowship meetings" (Davis 52). Davis explains that later that year, it was reported in the June bulletin, Lodge News, that Kuwewanik Lodge #57 and Anicus Lodge #67 held a "'sectional' meeting of all of the lodges in the area May 29-31, 1937 at Twin Echo Camp. The bulletin commented 'We think you have a fine idea...'" (53).

In February 1938, National Chief Joseph Brinton appointed fifteen professional scouters to serve as a resource for local lodge executives within fifteen numbered Area Territories (Area Leaders 3). Randy Yates, in Georgia and Florida Order of the Arrow Area and Section Fellowships, explains (2.1-2.2) that there were Area Fellowships meetings held in September of 1938 in several areas. The earliest of these events to be documented is the 1939 Area 11 Conference that was hosted by Tom Kita Chara Lodge #96 at Camp Tesomas (Dingwerth 2-119). As shown in the Feb. 1940 issue of the Bulletin from the National Chief, areas were renamed as letters (List of Lodges by Areas 3-7, see fig. 1). This was perhaps to avoid confusion with the numbered BSA regions (Yates 2.2).

fig. 1, 15 Areas (A-O)

fig. 2, 21 Areas (A-U)
vfig. 3, 24 Areas (A-X)
fig. 4, 26 Areas (A-Z)

Because of the growth of the Order, the number of areas increased to twenty-one by 1943 (Dingwerth 3-6, see fig. 2), the next year to twenty-four areas (Hoffman 1944, see fig. 3), and then in 1945 to twenty-six areas (Hoffman 1945, see fig. 4).

In 1946, Area U was reorganized to become part of the Twelve Scouting Regions-- two years before all of the other areas. The new region was split into Areas 12-A, 12-B, & 12-C (Hoffman 1946).

As part of the 1948 integration into the BSA program, the remaining areas were abandoned and lodges were redistributed among the 12 Regions (Hoffman 1948). 1949 was a transition year, with some areas holding final events while others adopted the new region-area alignment (Dingwerth 1-3).

Area Territories & Fellowship Events:
1950 1949 1948 1947 1946 1945 1944 1943 1942 1941 1940 1939 1938   
New England: ME, NH, VT, MA, & CT <1-A> A A {A} {A} {A} {A} {A} {A} A {A} {1} {1}                                            
Western New York 2-E 2-E B {B} {B} {B} {B} {B} {B} {B} {B} {2} {2}
Chautauqua Co., N.Y. (#165, #187) 2-E 2-E B {B} {B} {B} {B} {C} <C> C {C} "2" ------
Steuben Co., N.Y. (#186) 2-E 2-E B {B} {B} {B} {B} {B} <C?> C? "C?" ------ ------
Eastern Upstate New York <2-D> <2-D> {C} {C} {C} {C} {C} {B} {B} {B} {B} {2} {2}
Broome, Chenango Co., N.Y.;
Susquehanna Co., Pa. (#172);
Cayuga Co., N.Y. (#247)
<2-D> <2-D> {C} {C} {C} {C} {C} {C} <C> C {C} ------ ------
Metropolitan N.Y., Long Is., Westchester,
Ulster, Greene, Sullivan, & Orange Co.
<2-A> 2-A <D> {D} {D} {D} {D} {C} <C> C {C} {3} {3}
NE N.J., incl. Newark, Jersey City, Essex
& Union Co.
2-B <2-B> <D> {D} {D} {D} {D} {D} <C> C {C} {3} {3}
Ridgewood & Glen Rock, N.J. (#286) 2-B,<C> <2-B,C> W {W} {W} {D} ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
NW, Central, & Southern New Jersey 2-B,<C> <2-B,C> W {W} {W} {W} {W} {D} <C> C {C} {3} {3}
Eastern Pennsylvania, Md., & Va. 3-A 3-A E {E} {E} E <E> <E> {D} {D} D {4} {4}
Wyoming, Luzerne Co., Pa. (#223) 3-A 3-A E {E} {E} E <E> {F} "D?" ------ ------ ------ ------
Western Pennsylvania 3-B 3-B 3-B F F | F F | F F {F} {E} {E} E {5} {5}
Ohio, Kentucky, & West Virginia {4-A}
{G} {G} {G} {G} {G} {G} {F} {F} {F} {6} {6}
Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana,
Mississippi, & Alabama
<H> <H> {H} {H} {H} {H} {G} {G} {G} 7 {7}
North Carolina <6-A> I I I I I <I> <I> H H {H} {8} {8}
South Carolina & Northern Georgia 6-B,C Z Z Z <Z> <Z> <J> <J> H H {H} {8} {8}
Southern Georgia & Florida 6-C,D J <J> J J J <J> <J> H H {H} {8} {8}
Southern & NE Michigan 7-A 7-A K K {K} {K} {K} {K} {I} {I} {I} {9} {9}
Elkhart, LaGrange,
& Kosciusko Co., Ind. (#142)
<7-D> <7-D> {N} {N} {N} {N} {N} {K} {I} {I} {I} {9} ------
Northern Ill.; Lake Co., Ind. (#110, #352) <7-B> <7-B> {L} {L} {L} {L} {L} {L} {J} {J} {J} {10} {10}
Grant, Lafayette, Green Co, Wis.;
Jo Daviess, Stephenson,
Carroll Co., Ill. (#227)
<7-B> <7-B> {L} {L} {L} {L} {L} {M} "J" ------ ------ ------ ------
LaSalle, Bureau, & Putnam Co., Ill. (#143) <7-C> 7-C M {M} M {M} {M} {L} {J} {J} {J} "10" ------
Central Illinois <7-C> 7-C M {M} M {M} {M} {M} {J} {J} {J} {10} {10}
Bond, S half of Madison Co., Ill. (#126);
Marion, Clay, Richland, Lawrence,
Jefferson, Wayne, Edwards,
& Wabash Co., Ill. (#167)
<7-E> 7-E O {O} {O} {O} {O} {M} {J} {J} {J} {10} {10}
Southern Illinois <7-E> 7-E O {O} {O} {O} {O} {O} {J} {J} {J} {10} {10}
Indiana- excluding Elkhart, LaGrange,
& Kosciusko counties (#142);
Lake County (#110, #352)
<7-D> <7-D> {N} {N} {N} {N} {N} {N} {J} {J} {J} {10} {10}
Northwestern Michigan (#152) 7-A 7-A K K {K} {K} {K} <P> <K> K <K> 11 ------
Wisconsin & Upper Peninsula of Mich. 7-F 7-F | 7-F <P> P | P P P P <P> <K> K <K> 11 {11}
Iowa {8-B} {8-B} {Q} {Q} {Q} {Q} {Q} {Q} {L} {L} {L} {12} {12}
Mo., Nebr., Kans., Colo., & Wyo. <8-A>,{C} <8-A>,{C} {V} {V} {V} {V} {V} {Q} {L} {L} {L} {12} {12}
Oklahoma & Texarkana, Tex. 9-C 9-C {S} {S} {S} {S} {S} {R} {M} M {M} {13} {13}
Western Texas & N.M. <9-A> <9-A> <R> {R} {R} {R} {R} {R} {M} M {M} {13} {13}
SW Tex., incl. San Angelo, Del Rio, Fort
Stockton, Crystal City, Sonora (#199)
<9-A> <9-A> {R} {R} {R} {R} {R} {S} {M} M ------ ------ ------
Northeastern Texas <9-B> X <X> X <X> X X {R} {M} M {M} {13} {13}
Southeastern Texas <9-B> X <X> X <X> X X {S} {M} M {M} {13} {13}
N.D., S.D., Minn, NW Wis. (#174)
SE Mont. (#390)
<10-A,B> <10-A,B> {T} {T} {T} {T} {T} {T} {N} {N} {N} {14} {14}
So. Calif.; Cochise Co., Ariz. (#177);
Greenlee, Graham, & Gila Co., Ariz. (#338)
12-A 12-A 12-A 12-A 12-A U <U> <U> {O} {O} {O} {15} {15}
Clark, Lincoln Co., Las Vegas, NV;
Mohave Co., Ariz. (#312)
12-A 12-A 12-A 12-A 12-A {Y} ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
Northern California 12-B 12-B <12-B> {12-B} {12-B} U <U> <U> {O} {O} {O} {15} {15}
Central California & Northern Nevada 12-C 12-C 12-C 12-C {12-C} U <U> <U> {O} {O} {O} {15} {15}
Washington, Oregon, Idaho,
Montana, & Alaska
Y {Y} Y <Y> <U> ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
Region & Area:
Region 1 <1-A> A A {A} {A} {A} {A} {A} {A} A {A} {1} {1}
Region 2, Area E 2-E 2-E B {B} {B} {B} {B} {B} {B} {B} {B} {2} {2}
Region 2, Area D <2-D> <2-D> {C} {C} {C} {C} {C}
Region 2, Area A <2-A> 2-A <D> {D} {D} {D} {D} {C} <C> C {C} {3} {3}
Region 2, Area B (part) 2-B <2-B> {D}
Region 2, Areas B (part) & C 2-B,<C> <2-B,C> W {W} {W} {W} {W}
Region 3, Area A 3-A 3-A E {E} {E} E <E> <E> {D} {D} D {4} {4}
Region 3, Area B 3-B 3-B 3-B F F | F F | F F {F} {E} {E} E {5} {5}
Region 4 {4-A}
{G} {G} {G} {G} {G} {G} {F} {F} {F} {6} {6}
Region 5 5-East,West
<H> <H> {H} {H} {H} {H} {G} {G} {G} 7 {7}
Region 6, Area A <6-A> I I I I I <I> <I> H H {H} {8} {8}
Region 6, Areas B & C (part) 6-B/C Z Z Z <Z> <Z> <J> <J>
Region 6, Areas C (part) & D 6-C/D J <J> J J J
Region 7, Area A 7-A 7-A K K {K} {K} {K} {K} {I} {I} {I} {9} {9}
Region 7, Area B <7-B> <7-B> {L} {L} {L} {L} {L} {L} {J} {J} {J} {10} {10}
Region 7, Area C <7-C> 7-C M {M} M {M} {M} {M}
Region 7, Area D <7-D> <7-D> {N} {N} {N} {N} {N} {N}
Region 7, Area E <7-E> 7-E O {O} {O} {O} {O} {O}
Region 7, Area F 7-F 7-F | 7-F <P> P | P P P P {P} {K} K <K> 11 {11}
Region 8, Area B {8-B} {8-B} {Q} {Q} {Q} {Q} {Q} {Q} {L} {L} {L} {12} {12}
Region 8, Areas A & C <8-A>,{C} <8-A>,{C} {V} {V} {V} {V} {V}
Region 9, Area A <9-A> <9-A> {R} {R} {R} {R} {R} {R} {M} M {M} {13} {13}
Region 9, Area C 9-C 9-C {S} {S} {S} {S} {S}
Region 9, Area B <9-B> X <X> X <X> X <X> {S}
Region 10 <10-A,B> <10-A,B> {T} {T} {T} {T} {T} {T} {N} {N} {N} {14} {14}
Region 12, Area A 12-A 12-A 12-A 12-A 12-A U <U> <U> {O} {O} {O} {15} {15}
Region 12, Area B 12-B 12-B <12-B> {12-B} {12-B}
Region 12, Area C 12-C 12-C 12-C 12-C {12-C}
Region 11 <11-A,B,
Y {Y} Y <Y> <U> ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------

R-A Transition to 12 Regions, based on "Area, Area
Leaders, and Lodges
." May 1949
A Confirmed event
A/R-A Area changes, based on "Area Lodges
and Area Leaders
." Aug. 1946 The Bulletin
{A} Unconfirmed event
A Area changes, based on the 26 "Area Lodges
and Area Leaders
." Jul. 1945 The Bulletin
<A> Event not held
A Area changes, based on the 24 "Area Lodges
and Area Leaders
." Mar. 1944 The Bulletin
"A" Lodge(s) most likely didn't attend
A Area changes, based on the 21 "OA Areas as of
Dec. 1942" OA Conclave Handbook, p. 3-6
------ No lodges in territory
A Area changes, based on "List of Lodges by Areas."
Feb. 1940 Bulletin
A Original 15 OA Areas, based on "Area Leaders."
Feb. 1938 Bulletin

Area Event Patch Images:
1949 1948 1947 1946 1945 1944 1943 1942 1941 1940 1939
Area A
Area C ------
Area I
Area J
Area K
Area K ------
Area M
Area M ------
Area P ------ |  |  ------ ------ ------ ------
Area X ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
Area Z ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------

Have Image No item was issued
Need Image Event was not held
------ Area didn't exist Event not confirmed

Works Cited:

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