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"How a Web Site Can Help Your Lodge"
by John Bicket & Andy Martin

In 1995, I wanted a list of all lodges and councils by section so that I could track mergers and realignments. I posted several requests on Arrow-L and Scouts-L for arrowmen to e-mail me a list of the lodges in their section. I received quite a few responses-- but to my surprise I got even more requests for a copy when it was done. Well, it took over a year to put it all together, and then in June of 1996 it was published online as the OA Section List. Thanks to Derek Pillie including it as a link on his OA webpage, it was featured in the 1997 National Bulletin.

Since then, I've been able to announce the newest mergers and realignments, document section and region changes going all the way back to the 26 Areas of the 1940s, developed a section timeline for each lodge. I've also created several section maps and diagrams to illustrate the many changes in mergers and boundaries. I also have a pretty popular virtual patch collection.

Now past its 20th year, the Section List is one of the oldest Order of the Arrow websites. I wish to thank the following arrowmen for providing historical information and updates:

  • Phil Abbey, Gamenowinink Lodge #555
  • Mark Paul Amatrucola, Shu-Shu-Gah Lodge #24
  • Kevin Ambra, Otahnagon Lodge #172
  • Chris Anderson
  • Jeff Ansley
  • James Arriola
  • Matt Baldwin
  • Michael Ban
  • Noah Boksansky, Erielhonan Lodge
  • Mike Bazonis, 1997 NSJ OA Service Corps; Lodge Chief, Alibamu Lodge #179
  • Dr. Gene Berman, Chairman, Ten Mile River Scout Museum
  • Michael Bloom, 2014-15 Section Secretary, NE-6A
  • Mike Bremser
  • Robert BonDurant, Illinek 132
  • John C. Cameron
  • Glenn Chase, Virginia Area & Section Conclaves
  • Brent Clark, 1993 NSJ Public Relations staff
  • Bill Claycomb, 1994-95 Section Chief, W-5A
  • Bruce E. Cobern, Suanhacky Lodge #49
  • Andrew Coe, Assoc. Lodge Adviser, Octoraro Lodge #22
  • Rex Cole, Pachsegink Lodge #246
  • Ricky Colon, 2013-14 Section Chief, W6E
  • Mike Conkey, Tahosa Lodge #383
  • Ed Cool, Northeast Region Area 5 Outdoor Adventure Chair
  • Sean Cox, 1992 National Chief
  • Neale Cummings, Section NE-3B webmaster
  • Bob Cylkowski, International Scout Collectors Association (ISCA) Executive Board
  • Russ Dale
  • Michael Daniel
  • Mike Danielson
  • Nick DeMarco
  • Joel deNeuf, Mowogo Lodge #243
  • Brandon DeVito, Kayanernh-Kowa Lodge #219
  • Scott Dillard, Blue Book CD
  • Dr. Frank Dingwerth
  • Josh Dippold
  • Mirandy Donley, Lodge Adviser, Wa-La-Moot-Kin Lodge #336
  • Kevin Doyle and Don Shull, Patch-L Listserve
  • Wayne Dukes
  • Joe Eckman
  • Ed Evans, Region 4 and Section EC-4 Conclave Patch Collection
  • Robert C. Evans, Passaconaway Lodge #220
  • Leslie D. Fife
  • Tony Fiori, 1996 Western Region Chief
  • James Ford, Black Warrior Council Section Conclave Issues, and Region 5 Fellowships
  • Bill Fox, Buckskin Lodge #412
  • Farley Fox
  • Adam Fromm, 1998 Section NE-3A Secretary and webmaster
  • William C. Gardner
  • Barry Griffin, Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge #129
  • Joe Glenski, 1998 Section Adviser, C-1B
  • Chris Godwin, Lodge Advisor, Cho-Gun-Mun-A-Nock Lodge #467
  • Matt Griffis, Section W6E Adviser
  • J. Groves
  • Joseph Gulick, Kotso Lodge #330
  • Jim Halter, Alapaha Lodge #545
  • Brad Harris, Lodge Adviser, Wauna La-Mon'tay Lodge #442
  • Cullen Hartley
  • Jon Haskett, Lodge Adviser, Ta Tanka Lodge #488
  • Ken Hayashi, Western Region Committee
  • Doug Heller, Section Adviser, C-5A
  • John Hoffman, Scout Executive, Bucktail Council
  • Randy Holden, Blue Book Regional Editor
  • Everett Holm, ASTA Webmaster
  • Scott Holm, 2010-12 Section Adviser, W-3S
  • Alan R. Houser, Troop 24 (Berkeley, CA) OA website
  • Rick Horne,Tsoiotsi Tsogalii Lodge #70
  • Mike Hulsizer, Western NY Conclave Memorabilia
  • Dave Hultberg, Susquehannock Lodge XI Conclaves Patches
  • C Kent Jackson, Coosa Lodge #50
  • Keith Jendricks, Wipala Wiki Lodge #432
  • Ken Jenkins, 1998-99 Northeast Region Chief
  • Chris Jensen, Streamwood, Inc.
  • George Jennings, 1957 Area Chief, 2-F
  • John Jewett
  • Derrick Johnson
  • JW Justice
  • Bruce Kaffenberger, Louisiana Trader Conclaves
  • Jason Kracht, Section Secretary, W-5B
  • Bob Kearley
  • Tom Keck, Te'Kening Lodge #37 & Japeechen Lodge #341
  • John Kent, 1999 Haudenosaunee Lodge #19 webmaster
  • Bill Kethley
  • Mikel Kline
  • Bro. Andrew Kosmowski
  • Mike Kupec, Communications Adviser, Wapashuwi Lodge #56
  • David Kruse, Cuyahoga Lodge #17
  • Tom Lackovic, Section W-3S Adviser
  • Jim Lake, Otahnagon Lodge #172
  • Fred Lang, Jr.
  • Chris LaMarche, 2010-11 Section Chief, C-2B
  • Ted Langdon
  • Alexander Leach, 2015 Southern Region Chief
  • Rob Lee
  • Ben Lefever, Section NE-5A & NE-6/4C Memorabilia
  • Sage Lichtenwalner, 1999 Section Chief, NE-2A; Lodge Chief, Sanhican Lodge #2
  • Bill Loeble
  • Nick Loesch, First Call Texas Collectibles
  • Dan Mathews
  • Bob McCanless, The Patch Blanket blog
  • Matthew McGovern, Section NE-5B Associate Adviser
  • Tracy Mesler, Blue Book Regional Editor, The Warshield 2011
  • J. Todd Metcalf
  • Dave Minnihan
  • Roy A. More, The Scout Patch Auction
  • Sean Morrissey
  • Andrew Mueller, Kayanernh-Kowa Lodge #219
  • David Miura, Ohlone Lodge #63
  • Bill Mulrenin, New York OA Trader blog
  • Keola Nakamoto, 2014 Section Chief, W-6P
  • Joan Nester, Sakuwit Lodge #2
  • Kevin Nichols, 2007 Lodge Chief, Amangamek-Wipit Lodge #470
  • Dave Panko, Associate Section Adviser, W-5A
  • John E. Pannell, Internet Guide to OA Insignia
  • John M. Papp, Kittan Lodge #364
  • Elliott Patton, Lodge Adviser, Kishahtek Lodge #88
  • Tom Payne, Nataepu Shohpe Lodge
  • Mike Perkins
  • Hank Personius, Echeconnee Lodge #358
  • Derek Alexander Pillie
  • Roger Poulard
  • Steve Powell
  • Rich Price, Witauchsoman #44
  • Lane Randall, 2015 Section Chief, SR-2/3S
  • John Richers, Area Director, W-5
  • Joe Rion, Anpetu-we Lodge #100
  • Dave Rohlfing, NE Area 2 Committee
  • Tony Roman, 2013 Section Adviser, NE-6A
  • Marc Ryan, Deputy Scout Executive, Pathway to Adventure Council
  • Steve Salyards, Lodge Adviser, Ta Tanka Lodge #488
  • Jay Schnapp
  • Mark Scheiderer, Chapter Adviser, Timuquan Lodge #340
  • Jacob Schlies, 2011-12 Section SR-9 Chief
  • Tracy Schultze, History of Western Region Area 4
  • Dave Scocca, Nentico Lodge #12 Memorabilia
  • Jacob Schlies, 2011-12 Section Chief, SR-9
  • Andrew Sharples, Tulpe Lodge #102
  • Bruce Shelley, Ranachqua Lodge #4
  • Bob Sherman
  • Ryan Showman
  • Nick and Joan Skoglund
  • Herb Smith, SR-7A Adviser
  • John Stafford, Kayanernh-Kowa Lodge #219
  • Tom Stombaugh
  • Brian Sutilla, 1997-98 Lodge Chief, Wag-O-Shag Lodge #280; Section C-3/3A webmaster
  • John Tegtmeier
  • John Thomas, Chattanooga BSA History
  • Jason Thompson, 1998 Section C-6 webmaster
  • Bill Topkis
  • Joey Traywick, 2000 Section Conclave Coordinator, NE-2B
  • Don Turk, Cahuilla Lodge #127
  • Richard Turner
  • John van Velthuyzen, T'Kope Kwiskwis Lodge #502
  • Russ Votava, Lodge Adviser, Golden Sun Lodge #492
  • Mike Walton "Settummanque, the blackeagle", Black Eagle Lodge #482
  • Adam Wehrman, 2012-13 Lodge Chief, Mawat Woakus Lodge #449
  • Roy Wetherbee, Blue Book (I-VI) Regional Editor - New England
  • Brian Wilder Siwinis Lodge #252
  • Dave Wilson, Gyantwachia Lodge #255
  • Warren Williams
  • Wiatt Williamson
  • Neal Wilson
  • Rich Wolos, Tschitani Lodge #10
  • Denise Wood, Yowlumne Lodge #303
  • Randy Worcester, Collectibles Editor, American Scouting Digest
  • Randy Yates, Georgia and Florida OA Area and Section Fellowships

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Special thanks to Bret Hollander, creator of the Order of the Arrow in Cyberspace, who provided invaluable research that helped me get started. His website was the largest and most well-known OA resource in the early days of the Web, and it inspired many early OA sites.

To Frank Dingwerth and Chris Jensen, authors of the Order of the Arrow Conclave Handbook, for collaboration, advice, and insight on conclave history.

And finally to my lodge brother, Todd Rogers, who back in 1996 said that we-- meaning me-- should start a homepage for our lodge. However, since this was before National had created a website policy, the site, along with others like National Chief Ryan Pitts' site "WWW on the WWW," was promptly shot down. Todd has been an invaluable resource, and even helped me to keep the site up when I couldn't afford the hosting.

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