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Since 1913, the BSA has utilized several different organizational structures for councils and lodges (Geary ii). In 1938, lodges were grouped first into fifteen, then eventually twenty-six areas. When the OA became fully integrated into the BSA in 1948, lodges were reorganized as part of the Twelve Scouting Regions.

The 1973 New Section Operation realigned lodges into areas and sections among the Six Regions.

In 1992, the Six Regions were consolidated into four. The East Central and the eastern half of the North Central Region was merged to create the Central Region, while the western half of the North Central Region merged into the Western Region. The Southeast and South Central Regions were combined to create the Southern Region. The Northeast Region's seven areas were reorganized into five; however, its boundaries remained unchanged.

In October 2021, it was announced that in December, as part of Project Magellan, the OA would be reorganized into two regions: Pacific and Atlantic. However, by December these names were changed to Gateway and Eastern, and a list of new sections was released. With the exception of Sections C-2 and C-6B, section boundaries were unchanged. Supposedly, this orgazational structure will be separate from the new BSA National Service Territories. This is particulary interesting, as since the OA's full integration with the BSA in 1948, OA regions and areas have almost always been in lockstep with BSA regions and areas-- even to the detriment to lodge and section organizations.

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Eastern Section Conclaves
E-1 Camp Kithawenund, IN
Jaccos Towne 21
Apr 14-16, 2023
E-2 Camp Lakota, OH
Mawat Woakus 449
Apr 14-16, 2023
E-3 Camp Yocona, MS
Ofi' Tobhi 748
Apr 21-23, 2023
E-4 Camp Binachi, MS
Ashwanchi Kinta 193
Apr 14-16, 2023
E-5 Camp Elmore, FL
O-Shot-Caw 265
Apr 14-16, 2023
E-6 Camp Tukabatchee, AL
Alibamu 179
Apr 14-16, 2023
E-7 Camp Ho Non Wah, SC
Unali'Yi 236
Apr 21-23, 2023
E-8 Camp Boddie, NC
Croatan 117
Apr 14-16, 2023
E-9 C Powhatan, Pipsico SR, VA
Tutelo 161
Apr 28-30, 2023
E-10 Rodney SR, MD
Nentego 20
May 19-21
Eastern Section Conclaves
E-11 Hawk Mountain SR, PA
Kittatinny 5
Jun 2-4, 2023
E-12 Camp Bucoco, PA
Kuskitannee 168
May 12-14, 2023
E-13 Beaumont SR, OH
Erielhonan Lodge
May 19-21, 2023
E-14 Custaloga Town SR, PA
Langundowi 46
Jun 9-11, 2023
E-15 Camp Gorton, NY
TKäen DōD 30
Jun 2-4, 2023
E-16 Camp Barton, NY
Otahnagon 172
Aug 11-13, 2023
E-17 Joseph A Citta SR, NJ
Japeechen 341
Jun 10-12, 2023<
E-18 Schiff SR, NY
Buckskin 412
Jun 9-11, 2023
E-19 New England Base Camp, MA
Jun 9-11, 2023
E-20 Horace A Moses SR, MA
Pocumtuc Lodge
Jun 9-11, 2023
Gateway Section Conclaves
G-1 Salmen SR, MS
Chilantakoba 397
Apr 21-23, 2023
G-2 University of the Incarnate Word, TX
Aina Topa Hutsi 60?
Jul 7-9, 2023
G-3 Perkins SR, TX
Wichita 35
Apr 21-23, 2023
G-4 Camp Hale, OK
Ta Tsu Hwa 138
May 5-7, 2023
G-5 location?
Tatanka-Anpetu-Wi 94
Sep 8-10, 2023
G-6 Camp Mitigwa, IA
Mitigwa 450
Apr 14-16, 2023
G-7 Saukenauk SR, IL
Black Hawk 67
Sep 29 - Oct 1, 2023
G-8 Camp C. S. Klaus, IA
Timmeu 74
Sep 22-24, 2023
G-9 Camp Big Timber, IL
Lowaneu Allanque 41
Apr 21-23, 2023
G-10 LE Phillips SR, WI
Otyokwa 337
Sep 15-17, 2023
G-11 Cuyuna Scout Camp, MN
Wahpekute 53
Sep 29-Oct 1, 2023
G-12C Camp Alexander, CO
Buffalo Mountain?
Sep 8-10, 2023
Gateway Section Conclaves
G-12N K-M Scout Ranch, MT
Apoxky Aio 300?
Apr 14-16, 2023
G-12S Philmont Training Center, NM
Kwahadi 78?
Mar 31 - Apr 2, 2023
G-13 Imperial Valley College, CA
Tiwahe 45?
Oct 10-13, 2023
G-14N Westminster Woods Presbyterian
Camp, OR
Wa-La-Moot-Kin 336
Aug 25-27, 2023
G-14S conclave location?
Shunkah Mahneetu 407
May 19-21, 2023?
G-15 Lost Lake Camp, AK
Toontuk 549
Aug 11-13, 2023
G-16 Rogue Community College, Redwood Campus, OR
Lo La 'Qam Geela 491
Sep 8-10, 2023
G-17N Soda Springs Mountain Resort, CA
Tannu 346
Sep 15-17, 2023
G-17S West Hills College, CA
Tah-Heetch 195
Apr 21-23, 2023
G-18N location?
conclave host?
Sep 22-24, 2023
G-18S C Emerson, Boseker SR, CA
Cahuilla 127?
Oct 13-15, 203
G-19 Dragon Hill Lodge, South Korea
Achpateuny 498
Apr 21-23, 2023

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