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Since 1913, the BSA has utilized several different organizational structures for councils and lodges (Geary ii). In 1938, lodges were grouped first into fifteen, then eventually twenty-six areas. When the OA became fully integrated into the BSA in 1948, lodges were reorganized as part of the Twelve Scouting Regions.

The 1973 New Section Operation realigned lodges into areas and sections among the Six Regions.

In 1992, the Six Regions were consolidated into four. The East Central and the eastern half of the North Central Region was merged to create the Central Region, while the western half of the North Central Region merged into the Western Region. The Southeast and South Central Regions were combined to create the Southern Region. The Northeast Region's seven areas were reorganized into five; however, its boundaries remained unchanged.

In October 2021, it was announced that in December, as part of Project Magellan, the OA would be moving to two regions: Pacific and Atlantic. However, by December these names were changed to Gateway and Eastern, and a list of new sections were released. It remains to be seen if these new section designations will be in effect for 2022, especially since-- except for sections C-2 and C-6B-- section boundaries aren't changing. Supposedly, this orgazational structure will be separate from the new BSA National Service Territories. This is particulary interesting, as since the OA's full integration with the BSA in 1948, OA regions and areas have almost always been in lockstep with BSA regions.

New OA Regions: Gateway and Eastern
From National OA's Project Magellan:

"The Order of the Arrow is streamlining our structure while preserving national youth leadership opportunities! The National OA Committee has voted to approve a final prototype from the Project Magellan task force that will maintain current section boundaries while transitioning to two regions:

* Recent changes within the BSA deemed the OA’s four-region structure financially and operationally unsustainable.

* The two-region structure provides continued opportunities for many young people to lead at the national level while streamlining the OA’s structure to focus on the local level—the bedrock of our organization.

* The National Service Territories (NST) were designed as a collaborative network to support councils as they deliver Scouting in their geographic areas.

* Every lodge was invited to provide feedback on this structure before it was finalized and indicated widespread support.

After garnering nearly 300 ideas from Arrowmen nationwide, Gateway and Eastern will be the names of our new regions!
The new structure will take effect on Dec. 28 as we elect our new region chiefs.

The Boy Scouts of America recently implemented a new structure, including the creation of 16 National Service Territories (NST). These NSTs replace the existing area and region structures which have been in place since 1990 (more information can be found here).

In December 2020, the National OA Committee Chairman, Mike Hoffman, created the Project Magellan task force. The group’s charge was to assess the impact of these changes on the OA’s operations, as well as, if deemed necessary, provide recommendations for how the Order might respond. The task force has worked throughout 2021, led by eight youth consisting of the 2020 & 2021 Region Chiefs, as well as seven members of the National OA Committee. Every lodge was invited to provide direct input and feedback through written surveys, one-on-one interviews, and regular reviews with OA youth and adult leaders around the country.

In early October [2021], the National Order of the Arrow ("OA") Committee adopted the organizational plan proposed by the Project Magellan task force. With this approval, the Order of the Arrow will move toward implementing changes to its national and regional structure which will be effective at the OA National Planning Meeting on December 28, 2021.

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CR Section Conclaves
C‑1A Midwest Bible Camp, SD
Tetonwana 105
Oct 1-3, 2021
C-1B Camp Decorah, WI
Ni-Sanak-Tani 381
& Blue OX 26
Sep 17-19, 2021
C-3A "Red Arrow Rally"
Ingersoll SR, IL
Wenasa Quenhotan 23
Sep 24-26, 2021
C-3B Camp Illinek, IL
Illinek 132
Oct 15-17, 2021
C-4 Seven Ranges SR, OH
Sipp-O 377
May 14-16, 2021
C-5A Camp Cornhusker, NE
Golden Sun 492
Sep 10-12, 2021
C-5B H. Roe Bartle SR, MO
Tamegonit 147
Apr 9-11, 2021
C-6A Old Ben SR, IN
Kiondaga 422
Oct 22-24, 2021
C-6B Camp Hugh Taylor Birch, OH
Tarhe 292
May 14-16, 2021
C-7 Virtual Event Held Online
Apr 16-18, 2021
& Camp Stronghold, IL
Wulapeju 140
Aug 20-22, 2021
NE Section Conclaves
NE-1 Yawgoog SR, RI
Tulpe 102
Jun 11-13, 2021
NE-2A Camp Mattatuck, CT
Tschitani 10
Jun 11-13, 2021
NE-2B Virtual Event Held Online
Shinnecock 360?
Jun 12, 2021
NE-3A Camp Woodland, NY
Lowanne Nimat 219
Jun 5, 2021
NE-3B Camp Wakpominee, NY
Kittan 364
Aug 27-29, 2021
NE-4A &
C Conestoga, Eberly SR, PA
Wagion 6
Jun 11-13, 2021
NE-5 Goose Pond SR, PA
Lowwapaneu 191
Jun 11-13, 2021
NE-6A Henson SR, MD
Nentego 20
May 21-22, 2021
NE-6B Sinoquipe SR, PA
Guneukitschik 317
Jun 4-6, 2021

Virtual Event Held Online
hosted by section
Jun 4-5, 2021
SR Section Conclaves
SR-1A Camp Edgewood, LA
Quelqueshoe 166
Apr 16-18, 2021
SR-1B C Euchee, Spanish Trail SR, FL
Yustaga 385
Apr 9-11, 2021
SR-2 Camp Perkins, TX
Wichita 35
Apr 16-18, 2021
SR-3 Lost Pines SR, TX
Tonkawa 99
Nov 19-21, 2021
SR-4 Camp La-No-Che, FL
Tipisa 326
Apr 9-11, 2021
SR-5 Camp Daniel Boone, NC
Tsali 134
Apr 23-25, 2021
SR-6 Camp Davy Crockett, TN
Sequoyah 184
Aug 16-18, 2021
SR-7A C Lions, Pipsico SR
Wahunsenakah 333
Sep 17-19, 2021
SR-7B Camp Bowers, NC
Klahican 331
Apr 16-18, 2021
SR-8 Camp Simpson, OK
Wisawanik 190
Apr 30 - May 2, 2021
SR-9 Camp Patten, GA
Withlacoochee 98
Apr 16-18, 2021
WR Section Conclaves
W-1E Camp Morrison, ID
Camp Grizzly, ID
Tukarica 266
Sep 24-26, 2021
W-1N Fire Mountain SR, WA
Sikhs Mox Lamonti 338
Sep 17-19, 2021
W-1S Hoodoo Ski Area, OR
Tsisqan 253
Sep 10-12, 2021
W-2N Camp Buffalo Bill, WY
Tatokainyanka 356?
Sep 10-12, 2021
W-2S San Isabel Scout Ranch, CO
Tupwee 536
May 21-23, 2021
W-2W Camp Tracy, UT
Ammatdiio 590
Sep 10-12, 2021

W-3N &
Coast Guard Island, CA
Talako 533, Hungteetsepoppi 466, & Yerba Buena 719
Sep 10-12, 2021
W-4N C Pollock, Hubert Eaton SR, CA
Tuku'ut 33?
Sep 17-19, 2021
W-4S Camp Tahquitz, CA
Puvunga 32?
Oct 8-10, 2021
W-6E Virtual Event Held Online
hosted by section
Apr 10, 2021
W-6P Virtual Event Held Online
Achpateuny 498
Apr 9-11, 2021
W-6W Camp Raymond, AZ
Wipala Wiki 432
Oct 15-17, 2021

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