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Mergers and Changes:
  • Conditional Charter, The Future of Rip Van Winkle Council

    "During a meeting last month with the National Service Territory #10 (the state of NY) leadership, we were informed the Council would be receiving a Conditional Charter for the upcoming year. The territory cited concerns about our Council’s sustainability. They cited specifically the declining membership of the Council for the last few years.

    Last month, at our monthly Executive Board meeting, the Council Key 3 signed a document that gave the Rip Van Winkle Council a Conditional Charter for the year 2023 to 2024. It also outlined the expectations the Council is to meet in order to maintain that Conditional Charter.

    The expectations of the Conditional charter are the following:
    • We, as a council, have a combined membership on December 31, 2023 of 500 youth members.
    • We have a dedicated employee focusing on growing membership and providing unit service.

    If we do not meet the expectations of the Conditional Charter, the Council will be forced to begin a plan to merge with another Council.

    References: Council's October Newsletter 2023 newsletter

  • Tecumseh Council moved its Council Office and Scout Store from their old building Springfield to the Camp Birch Turner Building in Yellow Springs.Special thanks to Bro. Andrew Kosmowski for forwarding this.
    Effective: Sep 5, 2023
    References: "IMPORTANT NOTICE - WE ARE MOVING!", Tecumseh Council News Blast for August 7, 2023

  • Mason-Dixon merged into Shenandoah Area Council, and is now called the Mason-Dixon District. This is after both councils in May posting notices on their official Facebook pages advising they have been involved in discussions to merge, with a possible vote by July. On July 18th, Shenandoah Area Council's Facebook page officially welcomed the leaders & scouts of Mason-Dixon Council as part of their new Mason-Dixon District. This conflicts with the Mason-Dixon District website, that claims that merger occurred August 1st.
    Effective: by Jul 18, 2023
    References: VA OA, and July 12th Shenandoah Area Council press release "Local Boy Scout Councils Announce Merger to Strengthen Scouting Opportunities"

  • As a result of the Western New York Council merger, Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee 159 and Ashokwahta 339 merged to form Erie Canal Lodge #159.
    Effective: after the June Section E15 Conclave, but before July 11, 2023
    References: Online posts to Section E15's Facebook page during their conclave held Jun 2nd - 4th listed both Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge 159 and Ashokwahta Lodge #339 in attendance. The ISCA Council and Lodge Summary of Recent Changes, dated 7/11/23, confirmed the new lodge. On 7/16/23, the wikipedia article "Scouting in New York" was updated to include the new Erie Canal lodge #159.

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