Langundowi Lodge #46 White Pine Ceremony

NOTE: Before the ceremony starts the following items are needed:
  • shovels
  • white pine seedling.
Parts are played by the incoming officers, all are to be in complete uniform or ceremonial dress, including sashes and headdress.

Allowat Sakima - Lodge Chief
Meteu - Membership Vice Chief
Nutiket - Program Vice Chief
Kichkinet - Services Vice Chief
Netami Sakima - Nomination Committee Chairman
Lodge Secretary and Treasurer should also be present

Allowat Sakima: "My Brothers, we are gathered here for the planting of the Great White Pine, totem of our Lodge. The planting of this great tree of peace symbolizes the virtues of our Lodge and the beginning of a new year for Langundowi. Kichkinet, will you prepare the ground as needed?"

Kichkinet: "I will do so as a token of cheerfulness, Brother Allowat Sakima." (Kichkinet digs hole to plant tree.)

Allowat Sakima: "Netami Sakima, take your place in the ceremony. Brother Nutiket, will you assist our chief in lowering the seedling into the area prepared for it?"

Nutiket: "I will do so as a token of service, Brother Allowat Sakima." (Allowat Sakima and Nutiket place seedling in hole.)

Allowat Sakima: "Brother Meteu, will you see that the ground is secure in its place?"

Meteu: "I will do so as a token of Brotherhood, Brother Allowat Sakima." (Meteu secures the ground around the seedling.)

Allowat Sakima: "As we leave this meeting place, let us be sure to care for our tree. Give it support and as it grows, so the Lodge will grow on an journey upward."

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