Hoh-Squa-Sa-Gah-Da Lodge #251 was founded in 1943 and was chartered to the Mercer County Council in Sharon, PA. In 1972 Hoh-Squa-Sa-Gah-Da Lodge merged with Eriez Lodge #46 and Skanondo Inyan Lodge #256 to form Langundowi Lodge #46.

Hoh-Squa-Sa-Gah-Da f1b 
image courtesy of Todd Rogers
Hoh-Squa-Sa-Gah-Da s1 
image courtesy of Todd Rogers
Hoh-Squa-Sa-Gah-Da s2 

Hoh-Squa-Sa-Gah-Da s3  Hoh-Squa-Sa-Gah-Da s4 
25th Anniv.

image courtesy of Todd Rogers

1963 16th 3-B Conference 
Riverside Park, Greenville, PA
Hoh-Squa-Sa-Gah-Da host lodge
1972 25th 3-B Conference 
Custaloga Town Scout Reservation
Hoh-Squa-Sa-Gah-Da host lodge

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